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Welcome to my website. Allow me to tell you more about me. I am fondly anointed as Vani Kabir - The Divorce Monk by people who love to follow what I do. But what many don't know is that with many upheavals in my life, writing became my weapon of choice. This website is my collective. It is created to showcase the different facets I possess - be it writing, strategising how to launch a new product or creating star people from the divorcees. I believe that you heal through diagnosing what you feel and then working your way around it.

I was a born writer, my education led me to become a creative brand strategist and my life led me to become a divorce monk.


Vani Kabir’s Divorce Summit | 2020

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  • Stop the pain of heartbreak?

  • Cope better with betrayal?

  • Empower your children to cope better with your break-up?

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem?

  • Let go of your ex once and for all?

  • Create a future you are excited about?

    If the answer is YES, join me on this one day roller coaster ride on 18th January 2020. I have to tell you that it is possible to change how you feel and speed up your healing process, I know as I have been through it myself and I share all my secrets with you in my DIVORCE SUMMIT. In simple and easy to follow steps, it will change how you feel immediately and show you how to get your life back on track.

“Put simply, I write to give myself strength. I write to become the people I am not. I write to explore all the things I am afraid of. I write because it's good for my heart. ”

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Being a writer has been my sole ambition since I was 8 years old. I have taken courses with Stanford University, California to improve my skill. I am also a NANOWRIMO writing certificate holder which means writing a novel of 50k plus words in a month. I am also in the process to publish my first fiction novel.

brand strategist

My advertising and branding career is 13 years old and growing. I have won many global awards for my work in advertising. From Cannes Gold to the one show and many more add to the list. Advertising ideas, content creation and giving meaningful & creative names to new products give me a high.

Divorce monk

I have come a long way from my divorce and I seek to chaperone people who are going through the bad phase of either taking a divorce or have already taken it. Having helped hundreds of people in the last three years, I decided to take it upon me to create programs for the broken hearted and divorcees.


“Stand up and raise a toast to, dreams we have lost and the dreams we have found.”

vani kabir #thedivorcemonk


Let’s begin our long distance relationship that leads you to emotional recovery. Let’s video call.

Whether you book one video session with me or book a pack, the result is going to be that you are going to be one step closer to emotional recovery. One step closer to achieving your dreams. One step closer to understanding your own emotions. So book your appointment with me and see the magic happen!


The writer is a weaver of words. They take the threads of words, and weave them into a pattern that could fill another person’s mind with beauty, sadness, landscape views, future, zeal or simply awake consciousness, bring motivation and create an array of emotions and responses. The mind of the reader laces the words together until the imagined or real intent of the writer is achieved. The writer provides a zip-line between two minds. The reader is either transported happily into the world of the word weaver, or the reader examines the word garment, and places it abruptly back on the rack. No matter what takes place in the mind of the beholder, the writer has visited the mind of another.

My Instagram will take you through my everyday work, quotes, videos and who knows you end up becoming a follower. #vanikabir #thedivorcemonk


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