With my son in #amsterdam #vanikabir #themodernsufi

With my son in #amsterdam #vanikabir #themodernsufi


Born on 22nd Dec 1985, Sunday. And as a Sunday born should be, I am lively, cheerful, positive and love to be called a 'ray of sunshine'. You could spot me in the middle of the road amongst strangers, throwing away smiles like confetti. I am proud of my scars and sort of wear them as ornaments. I wanted to become a writer since the age of 8, when I published my first poem in my school magazine. I am very open to receiving notes and letters and answer them fondly and wisely. I believe that the world needs more people who understand stories of the heart because they are the biggest myths that will unravel the course of our future. I run multiple online groups and help people understand their emotions and sometimes I am patient listening ear to their problems. You ask me about my drawbacks, and I would flip my hair and say, ANGER. And soon after I would say, " but I am working on it."

My son is my lifeline, he is truly my heart that walks outside my body.

My beginning and onwards.

I was tattooed with writing when I was born. It has been my longest desire to be a great writer and a person people relate to when finding for the right emotions, inked. Currently, I am an advertising professional, a career that started more than a decade ago. My work has honored me with some of the most prestigious awards of this fraternity like The One Show Design, The Cannes, The New York Festivals, Graphis Gold Annual, ABBY'S and Spikes Asia to name a few. After multiple heartbreaks and endless life upheavals, I decided to go all out and help people through my writing and storytelling. I have more than a hundred forty thousand people following me on social media. I am always active and ready to help if someone is dealing with certain emotions that are making them vulnerable.

I am also a global TEDx speaker, TEDX AUP - Paris, being my recent talk.

I have completed NanoWriMo writing  and a novel writing course from Stanford Continuing Studies, which helped me complete the draft zero of my first fiction book.

I am a happy & proud #singlemother of a boy & delightfully use his name as my last name.

I am building a long term portfolio. The one you find in autobiographies, museums, etched in history, given in examples, discussed and shared to create mass inspiration, but also makes most people uncomfortable. I talk about matters of the heart and believe that helping broken hearted is my soul food. That’s how I plan to leave an impression for decades to come.

vani kabir #thedivorcemonk