I always knew I had to be a writer. It wasn’t my calling or my purpose or my goal. It was my life path. I wrote my first poem at the age of 8 and ever since I am cutting down the excess fat from my writings. With every word I write my soul feels empty and full at the same time.

BOO!!! Are you scared? No? Oh shucks, and I tried so hard. Never mind, fear is quite harmless anyway.

I personally found that fear never "scared the hell out of me," but it has propelled me to create more. Every time fear knocked, I have let it in and treated it to wine or a cup of coffee and we have sorted our issues through conversations.
Fear decreases our intelligence and creativity, but if you come to think of it, all your fear is doing, is doing its job. To warn you, to save you, to let you know this isn’t the right thing, but yes sometimes it goes overboard when it shows up even when you are about to write a poem or take a walk alone. Have a conversation with your fear, tell him, good job when it saves you but tell him that a poem, no matter how badly its written can never harm anyone and it cannot drive the creativity you possess. Do whatever with it, just not let it rule.

BOO! Did I get you that time? What? Not even a little bit? Ah, come on! Jump a tiny bit, just for me?