Ola! I am your very own ‘Divorce Monk’.

Life doesn’t go by your plan and your rules. Sometimes we never wish something and it is thrown at us with full force. And moving on is the only option that seems to be guaranteeing your survival. When you are made to feel unwanted, inconsequential and replaceable, your self respect being hampered and you are locked down in your own dungeon … you need a direction.

And sometimes that direction is Divorce.

I have come a long way from my divorce and I seek to chaperone people who are going through the bad phase of either taking a divorce or have already taken it. Having helped hundreds of people in last the last three years, I decided to take it upon me to create programs where a larger group of people can come together, seek a new path and build each other too. A community that respects the fact the an individual doesn’t need to be tagged to be respected. A group of people who come together to know that - alone they are and alone is more than enough.

Divorce or break up recovery call - 8 sessions | 60 minutes

Relationship call with Vani Kabir - One Time | 60 minutes

Your Divorce Monk in Amsterdam

Your Divorce Monk in Amsterdam

One on one calls - that will change the trajectory of your life

  • Struggling to cope with the break-up of your relationship

  • Going through a divorce

  • Suddenly becoming a single parent

  • On-going conflict with your ex

  • Low self confidence

  • You have lost track of who you are

  • Heartbreak and you want the pain to stop

  • Being stuck in a rut and wanting things to change

  • You feel ready to move forward with your life

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN from these calls:

  • You will gain clarity over your situation and why how to improve it.

  • You will create an Action Plan for your personal situation that will leave you feeling stronger and more empowered to move forward.

  • You will leave with clear strategies on how to deal with the issues that concern you the most.

  • There is happiness after your Divorce | Break Up