An Open letter to bold women who wear a cape under their clothes!

For all the women I genuinely adore in my life! This one is for all of you!

Let me begin by saying that you are beautiful, fearless and made wonderfully.
There will be times in life when many a people will put you down, make you feel little or simply take you for granted, timely. But you girl, understand and cherish yourself because you are worthy of it. I know the battles of most of you, who fight each day to set things right, who make an effort to make everyone happy, take ownership for things you do and you don't, apologize often because you value the person more and fight the world for the ones you truly love.I want to tell you that your value is intrinsic and irrevocable. What you have done doesn’t define you but what you will do, surely will. Make a mark. Value your love. Don’t give it away easily to the lesser mortals. When you stand up for yourself, you will compel the others to sit down and watch. Love yourself. You have chipped yourself enough for the wrong people. Don’t let them measure you by the things you cant control, by the curves of your body and by all the mistakes you have done in your past. Show them your love, kindness, your control, your essence, your dreams. And believe me, when someone will identify with all this, they would never let you go. For the rest, who show you that you mean less, tell them to take a bow, for the show they put up in your life and simply make an exit. 
"Keep you heels, head and standards high" - Coco Chanel.
You can be changed by what happens in your life but refuse to be reduced by it. #betougher #lovemore #dreammore #celebrate because you are unique.

vani kabir