Happily divorced.

It’s been roughly 5 years since I moved out of my wedded house and the journey since then has been quite a roller coaster. Little did I know on the day I stepped out with my little 5 year old that the world outside the wedlock was so different. I didn’t really trust the ground I stood upon. I still remember the day I walked out with limited supplies into an almost empty house to begin again.

It was/is difficult and difficult is an understatement. A lot of you may see my life as a #jubilee but believe you me its an #uphill slope. And no, it’s not a complaint. I think it’s the best thing to have ever happened to me. I learnt to stand-alone and not in shadows. Everything I own today is mine. The work I do today, the decisions I make, the failures I had, all are mine. And most importantly, a life which is full of dreams, mine and kabir’s together. Though these dreams may be little and mostly revolve around #starwars but we are #happy! Atleast we now live in a #home where people know each other!

Sometimes, good things come disguised as disasters. My struggles haven’t ended. Past five years have shown me the meaning and #pain of being completely broken but at the same time it has shown me the courage I possess. When I get exhausted and feel done, I just go inside the roof I call #kabir and #family to take shelter from the rain. And the come out to take just one little step at a time and that’s how I keep rowing my boat.

The reason I share this today with you is to know that we all go through things, which cause us immense pain. Things that lead us to an unwanted change. Things that make you fragile on the inside but steel on the outside. Don’t lose hope. We may not be able to see in the dark but in our hearts we know that light exists and aid in some form or the other is on its way. Feed faith to yourself and don’t let your visions of a beautiful future die. Don’t worry about people will say. go deaf on this front. Delight in your own existence and be thankful for the troubles you are going through. Not many are #privileged.

I can endlessly keep on writing about these gone years. Kabir is a #bigboy now and I am #biggirl too. In my words, I have grown feathers of steel. These 4 years turned me into a lioness and I have fear of nothing now. I know my time will come and I will slay everything negative that comes my way then. I will reach where I am destined to be, with love, kindness and grace.

And yes, I am a very proud #singlemom and I am proud to raise my son alone!

vani kabir