Tell the wolves, she is home.

She is a tangled mess of silky strings. She is crazy sometimes and barely sleeps. 
She lived but more importantly she loved. She is the kind of a woman who wakes up every morning to choose who she can be today and what a beautiful thing… she chooses herself …each day.
Her past had stolen so much from her that it was practically criminal. She knew she was broken but she made broken look very #beautiful. She learnt how to pick herself up and hence she is not afraid of falling. With whatever was taken away from her…she still spoke of nothing but #happiness.

Women like her are rare to find because she can read you and rip you open. She knows you by the beat of your heart, by the roll of your eye. She understands you by the fumble of words and the sentences you dare not complete. And women like her are the ones who love everything #wholeheartedly. She sings her lungs out and feels the pain to her marrow. 
Do you really believe that there is anything you can say that is worse than what she has lived through? She has been through more hell than you will ever know. And you know what, that’s what gives her beauty… and edge…

May be when you meet her again, you won't recognize her. Things will be different then. She will transform. She will gaze at you with weight that will mean something. You can’t take away what’s hers.

#Survival looks good on her.

She faces everyone equally now. She has got too many arrows stuck in her back from the people she loved and the ones she shouldn’t have. She doesn’t protect herself anymore. She is one of the few souls that will make you wonder... what it is to live.

Loving a woman like her is never easy. It’s going to be a war. You will hold the gun and she will hand over the bullets. If you are going to love her, so breathe and embrace the massacre that lies ahead. Because for her as she says “love is the most elaborate method of self harm” but what is anything worth if not love.

Do hell with your opinions about her.
Men say “ if that girl would be worth having she would have waited for me”?
#NO sir, the girl really worth having won't wait for anybody.

Because she is not water color that mixes well. She is like spilled ink. She leaves an impression. She is art. She is so passionate that she is rational. She is so fierce that she is compassionate. She is so disciplined that she is free.

She doesn’t crave materialistic luxury. She doesn’t crave dinners, parties, things. She craves love, attention and happiness.

Trust is the ultimate luxury for her.

She is fearless, bold, she takes you by your word, she leaves regrets to the ground, she holds herself and her heels high, she believes that god will fulfill every promise that he made to her, she fought battles to prove that she is brave, she is free spirited, she possesses a heart that most men can't handle, she has lost and found herself, she keeps sewing her heart every time it starts to come apart at the seams.

She is not afraid of the wolves, because the wolves know a lioness is amongst them.

vani kabir